Mr. Sandeep Kr.Singh (DIN 07358192) is a Founder & Managing Director of Autotrix Group. He is a Aerospace Engineer from the IIAET, Pune.He has been on the Board of Autotrix since 2015. He initiated Autotrix’s backward integration journey – from CAD Profile to Complete Design and further onto project work and development. He created multiple new world-class technique and facilities involving diverse technologies that have raised Autotrix’s Designs & Technologies Pvt Ltd is best in class.

Mr. Sandeep a strong visionary who believed in uplifting the society and people. His foresightedness can be well depicted by his ventures which span from Technology and education to power.

Education: The changing trend in the world of education and technology has impacted everyone’s life. It has also generated huge employment and growth potential in the job market as well.

Employment: To generate more employment opportunities and improve the economic scenario of the region the Group has initiated setting-up industries like Mechanical, civil, Electrical, aerospace, architectural and interior. These industries are now the backbone of the district in terms of revenue and employment.

Power and Growth: Power is one of the key pre-requisite for any business, industry, region or nation. It is vital for its progress as well. The Group has invested in research & Development to fulfil the areas and industry’s growing demand for power resources.