Workshop 1:                                                                                            

Concept of Automotive Design using Alias Automotive: (Duration : 30 hrs)

Introduction to Autodesk Alias software                                                                 

Concept Modeling

3D Modeling using Scan data

3D Techniques for Rapid prototyping

Automobile A-Class Surface Modeling

Digital Rendering

Fundamentals of Automotive Design Process

Portfolio Assistance


Workshop 2:

Concept of Structural analysis using STAAD PRO & E TABS: (30 Hrs)


Engineering design and software skill matters the most for a career in Structural Engineering. That is because of the challenges involved in analyzing a structure even before the construction starts.

With this training program, you have the opportunity to develop these skills practically. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Theory of structures via real-world case studies
  • Design, fabrication and testing of a bridge for maximum efficiency
  • Structural and Seismic Analysis of Tall Building
  • Analysis and design of different footing

Topics Covered

    Bridge Engineering

    • An Introduction
    • Design concepts involved in different types of Bridges                                              
  • High Rise building
    • Structural systems
    • Load resisting systems
    • Wind Load calculation conforming to Indian Standard
  • Earthquake Engineering
    • Principles of earthquake resistant design
    • Earthquake load calculations using Seismic Coefficient method
  • Foundation Engineering
    • Shallow Foundation
    • Different modes of Footing Failures
    • Design principles of Footing conforming to Indian Standards


Workshop 3:

Mechanical CAD design analysis using CFD and Ansys Fluent: (Duration: 20 Hrs)

Design Modeler, Ansys Meshing, Ansys Fluent: (ANSYS Design Modeler & Meshing: Pre-processing)

Introduction to Workbench Interface                                                                       

Design Modeler (Geometry Modeling)

Ansys Meshing


Introduction to CFD

Solver Basics

Boundary conditions




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