Course Duration :40hrs

ANSYS Fluent (CFD)

Design Modeler, Ansys Meshing, Ansys Fluent:

ANSYS Design Modeler & Meshing: Pre-processing

• Introduction to Workbench Interface

• Design Modeler (Geometry Modeling)
o User Interface
o Sketch & Dimensioning
o Adding Constraints to Sketches o 3D Operations & Commands
o Advance 3D Operations, Thin Surface, Body Operations, Boolean o Multi Bodies, Multi Parts
o Design Modeler Parameters o Mid Surface & Point Feature o Line Bodies, Surfaces, Joints

• Ansys Meshing
o Meshing Basics
o Considerations for Mesh generation o Global Mesh Controls
o Advanced Size Functions o Local Mesh Controls
o Sweep Meshing
o Multi-zone Meshing
o Conformal & Non-conformal meshing o Exporting Mesh for CFD


ANSYS FLUENT software contains the broad physical modeling capabilities needed to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer and reactions for industrial applications.

Course Contents:

• Introduction to CFD
o Overview, basic steps, domain
o Mouse Functionality o Tri/Tet v/s Quad/Hex o Non conformal Mesh o Compute solution
o Examine Results

• Solver Basics
o Solver Execution
o Solver Inputs
o Reading Mesh
o Scaling Mesh & changing units
o Defining Fluid Properties using Fluid Database
o Material Assignment

• Boundary conditions
o Locating Boundaries
o Boundary Condition Types
o Wall Boundaries
o Symmetric & Asymmetric Boundaries
o Cell Zone conditions o Periodic Boundaries o Interior Boundaries